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Nicole Barnes

Assistant Professor, History
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

(919) 684-3626

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Nicole Barnes


I believe that medical practices and beliefs reflect a human society's principal values and worldview. In a similar manner, public health regulations illustrate the assumptions and goals of the state. My research investigates medicine and public health to measure social values, state-society relations, and political priorities in twentieth-century China. My current manuscript launches this investigation in during the War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945) when gender roles and expectations of both men and women were rapidly changing. Dramatic changes in health policy and practice during this period reflect the sea changes in Chinese society that shaped twentieth century China in fundamental ways.



Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
History of Chinese Medicine

This course introduces students to the history of medicine through the study of medical practices and beliefs in China. Paying close attention to socio-historical context, we will explore how those beliefs formed, how the practices have changed over time, and in particular how the introduction of Western medicine and then scientific biomedicine forced fundamental changes in Chinese medicine over the course of the twentieth century. This course also introduces students to the discipline of History, and students will work in close consultation with the professor to produce a unique research paper. History majors should take a Gateway Seminar first, but there are no official prerequisites.

Course Notes:
UG Only FALL 2016 MAJOR: Focused Study
MINOR: Elective