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Jeffrey Moe

Professor of the Practice of Global Health
Duke Global Health Institute

Trent 214
(919) 660-2936

Jeff Moe


Prior to his current role at DGHI, Jeff Moe, PhD, was an Executive in Residence at Duke's Fuqua School of Business and, since 2012, an adjunct faculty member at DGHI. Dr. Moe and two Duke colleagues, David Ridley and Henry Grabowski, are widely known for their 2006 article, "Developing Drugs for Developing Countries," published in Health Affairs, which recommended a prize -- a priority review voucher (PRV) -- to reward new therapeutics and diagnostics for neglected diseases. The 2007 FDA Amendments Act made the PRV into law.

In addition to a continuing interest in incentives for neglected diseases, Dr. Moe researches health care delivery innovation and health care financing and payment reforms in low and middle income health care markets. He is also collaborating with ethicists, public agencies and private firms regarding the ethical challenges when patients demand expanded access to new therapeutics and public private partnerships are created to accelerate the discovery of innovative therapeutics.



Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
Program Management and Research Administration in Global Health

No course description available

Course Notes:
Was: GLHLTH 9287
GRAD Only SPRING 2017 MSC: Elective
Global Health Ethics

Ethical issues of conducting research on or working with marginalized/stigmatized populations,
using theoretical frameworks and case studies. Investigations of ethical choices made by
multinational, national and local policymakers, clinicians, and researchers and their impact on
individuals, families and communities. Emphasis on working with community partners in developing needs
assessment programs. Topics include: differential standards of care; protection of human subjects;
access to essential medicines; genetic information and confidentiality; pharmaceutical development;
health information technology; placebo controlled trials; best outcomes vs. distributive justice.

Course Notes:
Permission required. GLHLTH 150 or equivalent GH knowledge required. Priority given to Global Health Certificate students.
Was: GLHLTH 151
UG Only SPRING 2017 MAJOR: Focused Study
MAJOR: Focused Study
MAJOR: Core - Ethics
MINOR: Ethics


Recent Publications

"International Experiences and Good Practices in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Distribution, Purchasing and Pricing" NOTE: Translated into Chinese and Published by the Directorate Research Council, State Council, China Government