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Catherine Staton

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine
Assistant Research Professor, Global Health

Trent 304
(919) 681-2672

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Catherine Lynch


Catherine's research is focused on the trauma and injury care as well as health disparities amount injury patients. Clinically, she has witnessed the burden of injury and the magnitude of its impact on patients, family and communities both in the United States and abroad. In 2011, she completed an ARRA NIH Post-doctoral Fellowship in Mozambique conducting a Preventable Death Project and implementing the Ministry of Health's Clinical Trauma Registry at the country's premier trauma referral center Maputo Central Hospital. After fellowship and post-doctoral studies, she transitioned to Duke and switched focus to addressing injury prevention and care at KCMC in Moshi, Tanzania.


Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
Global Injury and Injury Prevention

An introduction to the field of injury epidemiology and injury prevention. Prominent types of injury are very different in different settings and those to be discussed in the course are those related to motor vehicles, assaults, firearms, self-injurious behavior and global toxicology. Behavioral, biological, economic and social issues related to the implementation of injury reduction policies will be explored through case studies of specific injury scenarios and interventions. Course will delve into epidemiology, specific research methods and innovative research methods and articles.

Course Notes:
GRAD Only SPRING 2017 MSC: Elective


Recent Publications

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