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Research Scholar

Lavanya Vasudevan

Research Scholar

(919) 681-5908

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Lavanya Vasudevan


Dr. Vasudevan is an early career public health researcher with training in epidemiology and biostatistics. Her research focuses on understanding disparities in maternal and child health outcomes, primarily with respect to childhood vaccinations and healthcare access among children in adversity in low and middle-income countries. She has significant expertise and knowledge in the domain of mobile technologies for health (mHealth) and is interested in the implementation and evaluation of these technologies to support improved maternal and child health outcomes in resource-limited settings.



Recent Publications

G. Mehl, L. Vasudevan, L. Gonsalves, M. Berg, T. Seimon, M. Temmermen, A. Labrique, "Harnessing mHealth in low-resource settings to overcome health system constraints and achieve universal access to health" in textbook titled "Behavioral Healthcare and Technology", Editors. L. Marsch, S. Lord, J. Dallery, Oxford University press, 2014, ISBN: 9780199314027 View

L. Vasudevan, A.B. Labrique, S. Mehra, L. Wu, O. Levine, D. Feikin, R. Klemm, P. Christian, K. P. West Jr. "Maternal determinants of timely vaccination coverage among infants in rural Bangladesh" Vaccine 2014; Sep 22;32(42):5514-9. PMID: 25132336 View

G.S. Bloomfield, R. Vedanthan, L. Vasudevan, A. Kithei, M. Were, E. J. Velasquez, "Mobile health for non-communicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review of the literature and strategic framework for research" Global Health. 2014 Jun 13;10:49 View

A. Labrique, L. Vasudevan , L. Chang, G. Mehl "H_pe for mHealth: More 'y' or 'o' on the horizon?" Int J Med Inform. 2013 May;82(5):467-9.