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#TBT fieldwork photo from Will Sperduto, a global health undergrad alum (’16) who conducted fieldwork in Guatemala and Honduras during his time at Duke. After graduating, Will went on to get a Master of Biomedical Sciences at Duke (he graduated earlier this year!). In this photo, taken in Honduras during his master's program, Sperduto and his teammate listen to a woman describe her symptoms. “My DGHI fieldwork taught me to be mindful of how global health issues demand interdisciplinary teamwork and a capacity to exude cultural humility,” Will said. “Developing meaningful solutions requires flexibility, knowledge of community needs, a collaborative spirit and an appreciation of diversity.”
#GlobalHealth #DGHI #fieldwork #DukeIsEverywhere @dukealumni
Last month, #DGHI professor Melissa Watt traveled to Cape Town with former Doris Duke Clinical Fellow Cody Cichowitz, a @hopkinsmedicine student, to present their work at the AIDS Impact Conference. Cody had two oral presentations reflecting work from his fellowship year, which focused on improving postpartum #HIV care engagement in Tanzania. He's still closely involved with his DGHI/Tanzania team and he and Melissa are working on papers together. #AIDSresearch #GlobalHealth #DukeIsEverywhere #SouthAfrica
We're so proud of our seniors from @daclements global health capstone class! They did a great job presenting their out-of-the-box solutions to a few vexing health challenges in North Carolina!

#DGHI #GlobalHealth #capstone #LocalIsGlobal
Here’s a #tbt fieldwork photo from Elizabeth Knippler, a global health major alumna (’16) who conducted fieldwork in Uganda during her time at DGHI. The photo features her and one of many wonderful volunteer community health workers part of the Village Health Team who assisted Elizabeth and her team with study participant recruitment, brought them around the villages, and taught them about local health issues.

#GlobalHealth #DGHI #fieldwork @dukealumni
Check out a new blog post by @duke.bass.gandhi on fragmentation in healthcare infrastructure in China. The students visited an academic institution, a public hospital and private health service organization to understand how these different players interact to impact healthcare. Read more by following the link in our bio!

#GlobalHealth #DGHI #interdisciplinary #BassConnections
@fhi_duke and @dukehhl present a free, public reading of “Informed Consent” in Sheafer Theater on Thursday, December 7 from 7-9pm. This includes a talkback after the show with the playwright, Deborah Zoe Laufer, the director, Nehanda Loiseau, Professor Stewart and her students: the cast of “Informed Consent”! The play is based on the true story of research misconduct by Arizona State University researchers working between 1989 and 2003 with the Havasupai, a Native American tribe who have lived in the bottom of the Grand Canyon for centuries. The play was a New York Times critic's pick in 2015. 
#GlobalHealth #DGHI #research #ethics #consent #FREE
#DGHI prof @daclements took his #innovation/#entrepreneurship class to TROSA, a local non-profit with an innovative and highly successful approach to recovery from drug and alcohol overuse. “Many lessons learned today,” he said.
#FieldTrip #LearningFromTheBest
We're excited to announce the newest undergrad DGHI course--a month-long summer study abroad program in Galle, Sri Lanka! Partner with students from the University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam and the University of Ruhuna to explore global health challenges through classroom-based instruction and field experiences. Check out the Duke Global Education website for more info!

#StudyAway #DGHI #GlobalHealth #SriLanka #fieldwork
Yesterday, #DGHI prof Dori Steinberg’s Global Nutrition class participated in the #ThoughtForFood Challenge, with the assignment of coming up with an innovative product idea to address #FoodInsecurity. The winners, Team “VacaVoom” (pictured here), pitched a biofuel-powered filter that captures methane from contained animal feeding operations and converts it into less-impactful carbon dioxide by using methane-eating bacteria! (kinda gross, but also pretty cool, right?) Swipe to see their nifty prototype and a prototype of a product pitched by another group, “Pumkumplete.” Pumkumplete is a nutritious bar made from pumpkin flesh and leftover Halloween candy, designed to be distributed to schools as a healthy snack for students receiving free or reduced lunches. Their motto? “Repurpose your Sweet Tooth for Good!” Also: we tried the bar, and it is TASTY!
This semester, global health professor Karrie Stewart wanted to experiment with a more creative approach to her undergraduate “Ethics of Infectious Disease Control” course, and she turned to the humanities for inspiration. Her idea? Having her students perform a global health ethics-themed play. Learn more about the class and the upcoming performance, both sponsored by @dukehhl by following the link in our bio!

@fhi_duke #GlobalHealth #HealthHumanities #DGHI #theater
#Repost @aceathletes ・・・
Meet returning ACE Ambassador Captain: Meagan Lew. #ACEinIndia ‘16. Meagan is a coxswain on the @dukerow team from Boston, MA, majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology and minoring in Global Health. What appealed to her about the ACE program was not only the chance to go abroad and be immersed in a different culture, but also the opportunity to give back to a community. Meagan decided to apply for the ACE in India program because she knew the least about India compared to the other countries and wanted to step out of her comfort zone as much as possible. Being able to go to India with the ACE program was one of the most amazing experiences Meagan has had at Duke. ACE gave her the opportunity to develop relationships with the children at school and other Duke and Stanford student-athletes all while experiencing another part of the world. As a global health minor, she was interested to see how social determinants affected health in another country. Coming back to Duke, her experiences in India have allowed her to make enriching connections in her global health classes. The ACE in India program has allowed Meagan to develop meaningful relationships and build leadership, cultural competency, and communication skills that she can bring back not only to her team, but to the classroom and beyond Duke. #aceathletes #ACEambassador #goduke #globalhealth #coxswain #dukeglobal #bestofbothworlds #dukeuniversity #duke @dukeghi
Happy Thanksgiving from #DGHI! May your day be filled with family, food and festivities!

Check out the 10 most popular stories of 2017 by one of the most popular media outlets for global health news and one of our go-to sources: the NPR Goats & Soda blog! From the world's toilets to breast feeding to rare skin diseases--and one of our faves about problematic photos by Western volunteers in low-income countries--this is a great compilation of intriguing stories. What's YOUR favorite Goats & Soda post of 2017? Share your pick in the comments!


VIDEO! In a DGHI lunch talk, Laura Hoemeke, director of communications & advocacy at IntraHealth International, argues that despite being a best-buy investment in global health and development, reproductive health is suffering from an image problem. To counter this, we must understand naysayers and tailor our messaging to convince them that no one loses when individuals and communities have access to high-quality reproductive health services. WATCH: http://bit...


Having been born and raised in South Africa, DGHI's Lauren Franz jumped at the opportunity to return to her home country with her husband and two children for a full year through DGHI's Faculty in Residence program. Learn about her work there and how she's helping to build our priority partnership with the University of Capetown: Duke Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Duke University School of Medicine University of Cape Town


Few people would argue with the notion that exercise is good for us and pollution is bad for us. But did you know that pollution may actually counter the positive effects of outdoor exercise? A new study co-authored by DGHI's Jim Zhang provides evidence of this troubling connection.


“Growing up in Brazil, I witnessed a lot of social problems and inequality in daily life,” said global health major Luiza Perez. “I thought by studying global health that I could do something bigger than simply caring for one person at a time.” Learn more about Luiza's work on the effects of mining in Peru:


About 1.2 billion people live without electricity, and another 1 billion have limited access because of unreliable grids. Far more lack access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking. Duke is launching a project to try to tackle some of these challenges. DGHI and Sanford School of Public Policy's Subhrendu Pattanayak will lead the project's educational initiatives and build the research network.


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