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September 04, 2012

Practices of Medicine Retailers in Kenya
Thesis research by MSc-GH graduate Andria Rusk, published in the Malaria Journal in August, sheds light on the knowledge and dispensing practices of medicine retailers in western Kenya, which are a common source of antimalarial treatment. Her research calls for improved training and education of retailers.

Rusk found that most medicine retailers could identify the recommended first-line treatment for malaria. While retailers may know the recommended anti-malarial medication by the Ministry of Health, they may not recommend or dispense it to customers. In addition to retailer training, Rusks also suggests that interventions focusing on community education may positively influence the appropriate dispensing of antimalarials.

Learn more about her research here.

Climate Change, Foreign Assistance and Development
In a report published in the Transatlantic Academy Paper Series, authors DGHI Doctoral Scholar Chris Paul, Duke faculty member Erica Weinthal and Nicholas Institute researcher Courtney Harrison examine the impacts of global climate change and donor assistance on economic development and food security in Africa.

They suggest that the transatlantic community should engage other donors and investors to promote coordination and transparency. They also say donors and investors must follow best practices at the appropriate scales and do so with greater transparency.

Read more here.

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