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Reducing Health Disparities in Mayan Guatemala


Santa Cruz, Guatemala


2015-05-14 17:01:24 - 2015-07-10 17:01:24

Project Objectives

The indigenous Maya in Guatemala’s West Highlands experience some of the worst health, socio-economic, and educational outcomes in the Western hemisphere. We are partnering with Mayan Medical Aid to improve health outcomes in Santa Cruz and surrounding communities.

Project Opportunities

Depending on most salient needs of community and Maya Medical Aid, we will engage in 2-3 of the following projects:

a) Cognitive testing of children
b) Testing different water sources for e-coli contamination
c) Dental and hygiene education in local elementary schools
d) Assessment of knowledge, beliefs and patterns regarding sexually transmitted diseases
e) Assessment of understanding of germ theory/disease transmission
f) Assessment of understanding of basic nutrition and healthy diet for children
g) Assessment of knowledge & beliefs about safe levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol dependence

Project Application Process

Students must fill out and submit a project application, CV and recent transcript to Ms. Lysa MacKeen by November 3, 2014. Students may apply to no more than two project opportunities and a separate application must be completed for each SRT project option. The scheduled interviews for this project location will take place November 17 and 18. Any questions regarding the application, interview dates or general project information should be directed to Lysa MacKeen.

Project Selection Criteria


Conversational Spanish

Area of Interest

* Ability to communicate well in Spanish
* Interest in Latin America and indigenous communities
* Applicants should be hardworking, flexible, and comfortable working with a team
* Selected students will be required to participate in a weekly training meeting with Dr. Boyd during Spring Semester, Wednesdays 10:00 AM.
* Students will also be required to attend weekly Spanish language conversation meeting, time and location TBA

Note: Our project site is only accessible by boat and is located in a very hilly part of the Highlands. Students should be able to swim, not suffer from motion sickness, and be prepared to walk in hilly areas.

Project Application Deadline

November 3, 2014

Project Placements Available


Project Status



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