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Apply to the Duke Global Health Innovation Center’s 2018 Fall Research Internship! This position provides an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of health innovations to improve global maternal and newborn health and reduce maternal and newborn mortality around the world. For more information, visit the link in our bio!

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This @dukebassconnections team recently developed and piloted an app called mVax with community partners in Honduras. The app is designed to streamline the vaccination process by allowing vaccinators to spend less time on administrative tasks and instead focus on delivering health services. mVax users can access a list showing who is due to come in for vaccinations, then click on a name to see the phone number and schedule an appointment. Clinicians can also query vaccine records for particular patients. CHPIR's Lavanya Vasudevan and DGHI's @daclements were among the faculty leads on the project. To learn more, check out the link in our bio!

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Big congrats to Junjian Gaoshan, MS'14, on being selected as one of the @asiasociety's 2018 Asia 21 Young Leaders, a network of young professionals from across the Asia Pacific region who represent the new generation of leaders in government, business, arts, media and the nonprofit sector.
In the second event in our new #thinkglobal weekly lecture series, psychiatry and #globalhealth prof Lauren Franz reflected on her Faculty-in-Residence experience in South Africa (her home country) last year, lessons learned about partnership (e.g. focus on locally-established priorities!) and her #autism research. She’s currently working with her South African colleagues to develop and test ways to simplify an evidence-based early intervention for #autism and train non-specialists to deliver it effectively—a critical mission given the scarcity of autism resources in the country.
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As a medical doctor working in a hospital in her hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal, Prasana Khatiwoda MS’16 was struck by the number of patients who died from preventable diseases. It was this observation that eventually led her down the global health path. Now, 2 years after leaving @dukeuniversity, she’s published her thesis and is back in Nepal building a #globalhealth division for an international NGO. Here she is distributing #naloxone with the North Carolina Harm Reduction team in Raleigh, NC, as part of her field research experience.
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Make some space in your calendar for November’s #Duke at Home in the World 🌎 Duke Global has a month of #international-themed discussions, panels, performances and other events planned! Link in profile 💙

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Hey Duke global health students: We KNOW many of you took tons of photos during your fieldwork this summer, so how about sharing a few of your best ones with us by entering them in the DGHI photo contest?!? Besides the ultimate glory of seeing your photos in various DGHI communications or--better yet--hung on the walls of Trent Hall, winners will receive a 💵 prize! We'd especially like to see photos of students engaged in fieldwork. Submissions due 9/23. Get the details by following the link in our bio! 📸🌅🌄🌇🌃 #DGHI #GlobalHealth #DukeIsEverywhere #DGHIfieldwork #bluedevilsinthefield #PhotoContest
The halls of #DGHI—nearly deserted over the summer—are once again abuzz with the chatter of students, many of whom have just barely returned from their summer fieldwork! We made it through our first week of classes and our students have hit the ground running. This is a big year for us—the 10th anniversary of the #DukeMScGH program (more on that soon!)—and we’re so excited to welcome 30 new master’s students and 100’s of undergrads. Find out what our most uncommon undergrad global health co-major is and more #funfacts about our students in the infographic at the link in our bio!
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This summer, #DukeMScGH students Taylor Wall (far left) and Bethany Keurten were doing field research in Kenya, but they managed to find some time for another adventure: running a half-marathon in Iten, Kenya, known as an elite training town for distance runners. Erick, a student from Seattle who was working at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (far right) joined them. #DGHI doctoral scholar Elsa Friis Healy (2nd from right) came out to cheer them on. Bethany reflected, “It was an experience of a lifetime! And we didn’t come in last!” ;) #bluedevilsinthefield #dukesummer #dukeiseverywhere #dukestudents
Save the date! @fhi_duke is hosting their fall semester open house on Sept. 4, starting at 4PM. Come to hear about amazing humanities labs, @dukestoryplus, the (and their human rights certificate), and more! There will be brief presentations, and you will have the chance to speak to lab directors and program representatives about ways to get involved. Best of all, there will be FREE REFRESHMENTS from @locopopsdurham!

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Snapshot from the field … #DukeMScGH alum Margaret Lillie ‘18, now a full-time research associate in #DGHI’s Evidence Lab, recently traveled to #Ghana to conduct baseline data collection training for an evaluation of maternal #mentalhealth and early childhood development programming. This photo was taken during field testing of the survey on an electronic data collection platform.
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This summer, @dukeengineering major Emma Palmer ’19 traveled to #Peru with a @dukebassconnections team looking at the impacts of Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining on environmental and #humanhealth in the Madre De Dios region—where she learned that being organized and planning ahead doesn’t always ensure a smooth experience. Here are a few snapshots from her fieldwork: (1) collecting a household water sample, (2) discussing anemia screening procedures and (3) crossing a stream to visit a fish farm. Click on the link in our bio to read her reflections about her experiences this summer.
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September 21, 2018

As it turns out, DGHI's founding director, Mike Merson, isn't quite done establishing global health institutes! He's been appointed as the inaugural director of the new SingHealth Duke-NUS Global Health Institute. He'll still keep his DGHI faculty appointment, but we wish him all the best in this new adventure! Learn more:

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September 20, 2018

In an op-ed on Global Health NOW, "Do We Have a Right to Surgery? The Case for Access to All," a Duke alum and Duke neurosurgery resident write, "The saying goes, 'Health is wealth.' But it should be 'Health is life.' What value is one’s freedom if they are sick, disabled, debilitated, and not able to live life to its fullest?" Not only is access to surgery a right, but it's a cost-effective public health investment. Worth a read!

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September 19, 2018

For families living in rural communities, traveling to the nearest health center can be an hours-long trek. Zambia is experimenting with a simple yet brilliant solution for getting children with malaria timely care--bicycle ambulances. And it's working: they've helped cut the malaria death rate by 96%!

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September 18, 2018

Nice to see global health major Jesse Mangold featured in the Duke Research blog last week! Jesse traveled to Honduras in 2017 with DGHI's Student Research Training Program and has since found his research "home" at Duke studying HIV and cytomegalovirus with DGHI affiliate Sallie Permar. Duke Bass Connections

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September 17, 2018

Amazing what can happen when faculty and students in medicine, biomedical sciences, biology, global health, chemistry and math team up to solve a global health problem! This team saw an opportunity to develop an mHealth app to rapidly identify and reach under-immunized children in Honduras. Fast-forward a couple years, and their goal is now a reality. And better yet, it's working!

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September 14, 2018

Congratulations to Junjian Gaoshan, MS'14, on being selected as one of the Asia Society's 2018 Asia 21 Young Leaders, a network of young professionals from across the Asia Pacific region who represent the new generation of leaders in government, business, arts, media, and the nonprofit sector. "Leadership means compassion for the most marginalized community members," he said. "They define how much your work will make a difference and how long your work’s impact will sustain."

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